Can You Afford a Breach?

With Cyber threats always evolving and ever-changing, we make sure that your business never comes to a halt. We help you set up a secure working environment for your team, whether they are working from the office or remotely. Protect your critical assets at all times with solutions that is tailored to your organization with a partner you can trust.

Our Story

How did it all start?

In the early 2000’s cybersecurity was just starting to make the headlines, with few incidents affecting mainly larger organisations. However, the rapidly increasing reliance on the internet and its web services, for all types of businesses, created new opportunities for cybercriminals.
IT teams are rushing to implement security policies and take measures to protect their organisations, while still having to deal with their daily tasks – a difficult endeavour considering they often lack in numbers and expertise.
eSafe Solutions was born in 2007 with a clear goal – to help businesses, large and small, to better protect what matters most by improving their security posture while taking away the burden of managing complex security solutions.

Who’s helping you?

We partner with the leading vendors in the field of cybersecurity. What this means for you is a continuous stream of threat intelligence from a worldwide network of devices and experts that adds value to your cybersecurity investment.
Our exclusive partnership with FireEye will grant you access to their threat intelligence platform that gives you the visibility you need in your corporate environment with extensive incidence response and investigation capabilities.
Our strategic alliance with Thales – the leader in enterprise encryption – will ensure that your data is accessible only by the right people.
Our extended network of partners – such as Fortinet, Rapid7, Infoblox, Proofpoint and ObserveIT – ensures that your cybersecurity requirements are met end-to-end, while we are rigorously evaluating new and innovative technologies that will deliver the best results for your environment.

What’s next?

The journey to great security starts with understanding your business needs. Our technology experts will evaluate your current security standing and design the best approach to help you achieve your cybersecurity goals.
Information is gold in any industry and cybersecurity is no exception. Our service offerings are backed by the leading vendors in this field that employ the most recent advancements in threat detection and prevention ensuring the latest threats are discovered and stopped before traditional signature – based solutions.
But what happens in the worst-case scenario that you do get breached? Quick recovery is paramount, but it is not enough! Policy makers will ask you to prove that you have done enough to secure your data and protect your clients. This is where incidence response and forensics capabilities in your environment come into play. Add the ability to capture data from a variety of devices and gain visibility into your environment to assist investigations in case of an incident.
Invest in your people! Ensure your employees know how to protect your business and themselves from digital threats through awareness training sessions to boost your security resiliency, no matter how small or big your team is.


Whether your business already has security solutions in place and is looking to get to the next level, or you are just starting your cybersecurity journey, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Our experts can help you design and improve upon your security program and advise your key people on best security practices. And with our comprehensive suite of services we can help your IT teams by taking care of the management and monitoring of your security solutions while they focus on the daily running of your business.



The last few years has seen an exponential uptake from businesses going through a digital transformation and adapting to new ways of working, whether at the office or supporting a remote workforce. With the introduction of new and rapidly changing technological processes, organisations have become more productive and agile.

However, this digital transformation extends the security perimeter outside the confines of the office and inherently increases the digital footprint and associated risk of every organisation undergoing this change. Regardless of whether you are just starting your journey or are already well ahead, security should always be an inseparable part of your business plan.

Our expert team is here to help you transform your security program to support these new processes. We can assess your organisation’s cybersecurity posture, help you develop an appropriate cybersecurity strategy, establish policies and procedures and implement solutions that reduce the risk to your business, while meeting your industry’s security and compliance standards.



We understand that today’s IT teams are inundated with requests from users while trying to keep your business running and are often lacking in numbers and expertise. As a result, evaluating security alerts is often delayed and critical events which can damage your organisation are often missed.

What is more, the rapidly evolving threat landscape, makes it hard to assess, deploy and manage the security solutions necessary to keep your business safe.

Our managed security services help lighten the load of your IT personnel by monitoring and managing security events and only engaging them when appropriate to further mitigate risk.

Working with our exclusive network of partners we can help you protect your most valuable assets and respond to threats fast.



Defending your business from threats often requires deploying various solutions in a layered security approach. However, all these systems need to be regularly maintained, updated and verified to make sure they continue to provide the level of security they were designed for. We can take the burden away from your IT teams by taking care of these necessary tasks in a timely manner.



When your organization is under a cyber-attack, rapid and thorough incident response is essential to minimize the damage and safeguard your most critical assets. Any delay can result in financial losses and your business’ reputation may be affected.

Our Incident Response Service can help you contain, mitigate, and recover from a security breach and leverage additional expertise from our network of trusted partners with extensive experience from the frontlines.




The number and sophistication of cyber security attacks increases by the day. Organizations need to know exactly what threats they face so they can address them proactively and determine how to respond to incidents more effectively.

A Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) automates the process of bringing together and analysing logs from multiple sources in a way that provides actionable threat intelligence, enabling quick response to the events that matter most.

When selecting a TIP platform, its capability to enrich, and provide context to events, allows security analysts to focus and respond immediately to the most critical threats for the organisation.

Our solutions can offer you advanced insights into the threats affecting your business and our team will help you mitigate that risk.



Employees are often considered the weakest link in the security chain. Ensuring they understand the risks and recognise the methods used by adversaries will help defend themselves and your organization against threats.

Any organisation that values security must not ignore the role its employees play in the overall security strategy, and should incorporate a security awareness training program to ensure employees understand the importance of protecting sensitive information, how to handle information securely, and how to spot and react to suspicious events.

We will empower your employees by addressing the human factor in information security through security awareness sessions for your entire team, no matter how big or small.